All products Expansion module (Extra Power Module) – 10 positive outputs & 3 negative outputs Increase the power of your VIGILINK by adding remote outputs (up to 4 modules). Ask us a question


All products Multi-function interface Thanks to its different types of BUS connections, manage your specific complex à la carte equipment from the GO-112 or VIGILINK. Ask us a question


All products Reader interface from 1 to 8 analogue signals. The interface allows the display of configurable gauges on the touch screens of GO-112 and VIGILINK products. Ask us a question

SFC 200

All products Central Flasher Unit and Dimmer for halogen lights or LEDs The SFC200 unit is the ideal answer for any vehicle requiring the flashing of passive lights. Repeater mode and Dimmer function are also available. Ask us a question


All products Power extension module This module allows a negative current signal to be transformed into a positive power signal, maximum 10A. Its outputs are self-protected. Ask us a question