At Ideatec, we aim to develop the reference products for controlling equipment added to any converted vehicle for the blue and amber markets. To do so, we constantly seek to address the largest and latest set of requirements and trends on these markets. By choosing our products, our clients know that they will get “EASY to INSTALL – EASY to CONFIGURE– EASY to USE” products meeting their specific needs. At IDEATEC, you will get the expertise, technology and support to efficiently and seamlessly control your converted vehicles.

The expert in controllers for converted vehicles


Our products allow connections to be reduced by up to 75%, which reduces the installation time of electrical parts by 50% and the risk of false contacts or short circuits Our range of products comprises both touchscreen and button-based consoles, connected to the central units by a single BUS cable. This significantly reduces console installation times on the vehicle dashboard. In order to make looms easier and to allow pre-wiring, all our consoles use one and the same type of cable. Traditional systems typically draw upon a series of relays to provide the logical parts and output switching. Unlike these devices, IDEATEC products use only semi-conductor devices that ensure longevity and high reliability in the embedded system. The limitation of configurable currents ensures protection of the wiring added to your vehicle


Simplified control lies in the way you can configure our products to respond to any situation.

Changes in logical functioning thus become possible without having to retouch the wiring looms. Our high-performance software, accessible to all design offices and workshop technicians, makes configuration and remote maintenance simple and speedy.

Our products are equipped with intelligent and configurable energy management to control the autonomy of your batteries.


In addition to being innovative and universal, our consoles are ergonomic for optimal convenience of use.

The possibility to configure all functions and define scenarios provides an unmatched ease of use for the user.

When in intervention, users can rely on consoles with clear functions and feedback information (voice messages, messages, audible beeps and vibrations)  and not lose their focus on their tasks.