Our Services

Custom development

Over the last 3 decades, we have designed, developed and built a large range of products which address the many needs of the blue and amber markets. Doing so, we have developed an unmatched expertise regarding controllers, sirens and interfaces. We offer the possibility to our clients to leverage this expertise for the design of custom products. Because some vehicles require specific auxiliary equipment configurations that sometimes can’t be fully controlled by standard products on the market, we offer the possibility to either:

1 – make custom adaptations to our products to fit your specific needs, OR
2 – design a product from scratch specifically adapted to your requirements.

Data gathering

In our data world, having access to vehicle data is crucial to better manage performance and businesses. To answer this need for information, we have developed a data service based on a product able to collect data directly form the CANbus and the OBD. Data is sent in real-time to our cloud-based servers or uploaded in batch once the vehicle is parked and wifi connected at its home base. The collected data is sorted and stored in a proprietary database and put at your disposal for analysis and reporting. To fully leverage the added value of your data, we also provide data analysis support.