Product focus : FAST3

The FAST3 is a 3 buttons configurable controller.

It has been designed to be ergonomic, easy to use and safe.

Thanks to its size and shape, it can be installed either on a dashboard of a vehicle or any other places requiring easy access to control buttons. It can be found in 2 versions : a console and a controller kit.

The console comes in addition to an existing Ideatec installation with our advanced controllers (type of vehicle : ambulances, service vehicles, fire intervention vehicles, police cars…).

The controller kit can be found in vehicles requiring a limited number of controls (utility service, telecom network provider service, postal services, tow trucks, ….).

At Ideatec, the security of the driver is a key priority. With its intuitive design, the FAST3 allows the driver to keep the eyes on the road and not the buttons.

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