Product focus : MK consoles

The MK consoles are the perfect solution for control buttons combined with Public Address application.
Connected to Ideatec products like POLYPM-HD and VIGILINK with embedded siren module, you can choose one of the three versions available :
MK-10 : handheld console 10 buttons including PA microphone
MK-18 : handheld console 18 buttons including PA microphone
MK-DIN : DIN format console 16 buttons, external microphone PA in option. Foot mounting option is available in as well.
Customize your buttons thanks to SpeedFitter software : backlight color (white, blue, green, red, yellow or amber), function, scenes (printed buttons available on each console), buzzer, etc. All MK consoles are provided with pictogram labels.
MK consoles can be combined with other console like touchscreen console or FAST-3 for even more flexibility in your vehicle.

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