Product Focus: PPS-TWIN

The PPS-TWIN is a powerful 2x100W siren in a very compact module.

Independent dual channels for 2 tones superposition or synchronized channels for maximum 200W, PPS-TWIN is the most versatile siren available on the market.
Configure the PPW-TWIN with our SpeedFitter software and control the PPS-TWIN through wires or canbus. Canbus control reduces the wiring required for installation and allows for an eaasy configuration of the siren in combination with IDEATEC central units such as the POLARIS.
Combined with our consoles, PPS-TWIN becomes more than a siren module and can control directly up to 5 additional equipments. Mute circuit for original horn of the car is integrated as well to make PPS-TWIN ideal for emergency vehicles application. A microphone is also available for public address purpose.
PPS-TWIN is fully protected against speaker failure and includes monitoring for easy maintenance.

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