Integrate the functions of Vigilink, Polaris, PolyPM HD on a tablet, on board PC and vehicule original screen.

OpenLink interface

Product description

The OpenLink protocol allows you to develop your own graphic user interface. Simple, it is intended for all application developers.

Make it easy with OpenLink Creator software :

Import your VIGILINK/POLARIS/POLYPM-HD configuration then drag and drop to create your own interface. Control and manage all the function of the VIGILINK/POLARIS/POLYPM-HD with any Windows operating terminal.

Technical description

Interface to control the POLARIS/VIGILINK/POLYPM-HD through serial port (USB/RS232)
Provided with special protocole to create your full customized interface or use OpenLink Creator software to import your configuration and drag/drop the button on Windows touchscreen
Up to 3 OpenLink interfaces connected to central unit (same as touchscreen console)

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