Ergonomics à la carte. The POLARIS offers maximum convenience for the user as well as increased security.


Available within 4 to 6 weeks

Product description

The POLARIS central unit is designed to control any electrical equipment added on a vehicle. Its installation is completely independent of the original wiring harness.

The system is fully configurable via the SpeedFitter software and allows for a multitude of automations and special functions.

Its main interests are:
– simplified assembly -> only one bus cable to the controller interfaces, no fuse because self-protected outputs, no relay because high power output and advanced automation;

– simplification of use -> direct access to emergency scenes and markup;

– dual voltage central unit +10…30VDC;

– canbus connections

The POLARIS central unit is available in 4 different versions. Their outputs are solid-state relays fully protected against shortcircuits and overloads. Independent negative outputs, analogue inputs, positive inputs and negative inputs (+ignition, handbrake, etc.) are also available.
The POLARIS central unit has 2 canbus connections. The first is dedicated to reading information (chassis, CanOpen, etc.) and the second allows you to control various equipment such as canbus sirens or canbus lightbars.

It is also possible to add optional positive power outputs (EPM-103) or analogue inputs (ADI).

The POLARIS central unit can be controlled by several digital touchscreen consoles, MK-10, MK-18, MK-DIN keys consoles, FSP-6K, FSK-6K, FSP-9K panel consoles or OpenLink for custom/external user interface.
The central unit supports, via its bus connexion or direct outputs, various
options such as heating/air conditioning control (Unitherm-HD), ventilation (ID-FAN), broadcasting of voice messages (VFI).

Technical description

Max power : +80A
Inputs : 1 POS & 13 POS/NEG & 2 AN
Outputs : 17 POS(15A) & 3 POS(20A) & 14 NEG(1,7A)
1 x canbus chassis
1 x canbus control
Configuration by Speedfitter

Comparative table

  • Max power
  • Inputs
  • Positive outputs
  • Negative outputs
  • Canbus chassis
  • Canbus control
  • 100w siren included


  • +80A
  • 1 POS & 13 POS/NEG & 2 AN
  • 17 POS(15A) & 3 POS(20A)
  • 14 NEG(1,7A)
  • 1x
  • 1x


  • +80A
  • 1 POS & 13 POS/NEG & 2 AN
  • 17 POS(15A) & 3 POS(20A)
  • 14 NEG(1,7A)
  • 1x
  • 1x
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