The TINY8 console is the ideal product for a flexible and discrete installation.


Available within 4 to 6 weeks

Product description

TINY-8 is designed to control 8 positive outputs for standard installation and a lot of functions are available and configurable through the console.

ITs console is design to be fit in very small place or to be hidden (undercover car for example).

You can manage a lot of functions like :
– interlock function blue light/siren;

– interlock function blue light/grill light;

– marking functions linked or not to handbrake;

– siren status and/or blue light status management;

– directional light managment;

– push button functions;

– permanent output;

– several modes of automatic standby.

Technical description

8 buttons ultra-compact configurableconsole provided with pictogram labels
3 inputs (2x POS & 1x NEG)
8 positive power outputs (Max 10A)
2 negative outputs (Max 1,5A)
Very compact configurable central unit, current max 20A

Comparative table

  • Console
  • Inputs
  • Positive outputs
  • Negative outputs
  • Max power
  • Heating/Cooling control


  • 1 compact with 8 buttons
  • 3 (2x POS & 1x NEG)
  • 8 (Max 10A)
  • 2 (Max 1,5A)
  • +20A


  • 1 compact with 8 buttons
  • 3 (2x POS & 1x NEG)
  • 8 (Max 10A)
  • 2 (Max 1,5A)
  • +20A
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