Increase your possibilities and security thanks to the touchscreen.

Touch screen console

Available within 4 to 6 weeks

Product description

The Ideatec touch screen console is fully configurable by SpeedFitter and add comfort to the user thanks to multiple feedbacks: sound, text messages, alarm, vibration.
With one console you can combine up to 30 keys: 3×9 by touchscreen and 3x hardware buttons.
Foot or wall mounting, size and caracteristics of the console are designed to make it easy for fit and use.

You can combine up to 3 Ideatec touchscreen console on the same bus.

Technical description

  • From 4 to 30 buttons or pilot lamps
  • Fully customizable by software : pictograms (picture and text), button colour, logo, etc
  • Direct acces to emergency function and power key
  • Text messages, vibration and sound feedback
  • Foot or wall mounting model, black or white housing, F1/F2/F3 or Beacon/Siren/Aux keypad
  • Up to 3 consoles connected to central unit
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