Flat Switch Panels anywhere you need it !


Available within 6 to 8 weeks

Product description

The FSP-6K console is configurable by SpeedFitter and can be fit anywere in the vehicle. The console is provide with pictogram and color labels for its 4 buttons.
You can combine up to 3 FSP on the same adress.

Technical description

4, 6 or 9 buttons/pilot lamps version + power key
Provided with pictogram and colour labels
Wall mounting by default, housing option for foot mounting
Sound feedback
Up to 12 consoles connected to central unit

Comparative table

  • Max power
  • Inputs
  • Positive outputs
  • Negative outputs
  • Canbus chassis
  • Canbus control
  • 100w siren included


  • 6+1
  • 105 x 57 x 27
  • P0039F0009


  • 6+1
  • 105 x 57 x 27
  • P0039F0009
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