Universal configurable CANBUS Siren. THE most flexible siren on the market.


Available within 4 to 6 weeks

Product description

The PPS-HD siren is intended for emergency-response vehicles. It is compatible with different kind of speakers 8/11/16ohms, max 100W.

It is fully configurable via the SpeedFitter software.

This siren incorporates more than 20 tones including air horhn emulator that can be combined to suit your needs. It is therefore possible to configure the siren with a maximum of 8 different tones, which can be concatenated via a “Klaxon” input or any other switch. A “vibrato”, “Night” or “Vibrato & Night” effect function can be combined with each tone.

The PPS-HD is equipped with a high protection circuit against loudspeaker failure such as direct short-circuit and allows at the same time a precise diagnosis through the LEDs monitoring.

The Canbus port allows the PPS-HD siren to be controlled directly by Canbus, for example by the POLARIS canbus port 2.

Technical description

100W siren compatible with 8/11/16 Ohms
30 tones available, up to 8 tones configurable
Fully electronic protected against speaker
failure with diagnosis monitoring
Controlled by digital inputs (4x) or canbus
Microphone for public address compatible
1x positive output signal for siren status (1,5A max)

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