Current and upcoming products at Rettmobil

At Rettmobil last May we had the pleasure to present our current and upcoming products. This video is a short recap of that event. We thank one more time all our visitors who took time to visit us.

Product focus : FSP-Touch

The FSP-Touch console is the new touch screen flat console generation : unique format, excellent brightness, ultra wide view angle and new graphic library chart. From 4 to 8 buttons, FSP-Touch is fully customizable thanks to SpeedFitter software : buttons, backlight color (blue, green, red, yellow or amber), function, scenes, buzzer, etc. Connected to Ideatec […]

4 generations of advanced controllers

Ideatec was created in 1997. In a little bit more than 25 years, 4 generations of advanced controllers were designed and developped: Canris, GO112, Vigilink, Polaris. All these controllers have had an impact on the way auxiliary equipment are managed in our vehicules. Currently, our team is actually on the generation. (For the curious ones […]

Product focus : MK consoles

The MK consoles are the perfect solution for control buttons combined with Public Address application.Connected to Ideatec products like POLYPM-HD and VIGILINK with embedded siren module, you can choose one of the three versions available :MK-10 : handheld console 10 buttons including PA microphoneMK-18 : handheld console 18 buttons including PA microphoneMK-DIN : DIN format console […]

Did you know ?

IDEATEC exports its products in more than 20 countries. Our products can be found in emergency and service vehicles in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Nordics, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Middle East and Canada. Our products match the users, technical and safety requirements in all these countries and many more. For an insight into […]

Product Focus: PPS-TWIN

The PPS-TWIN is a powerful 2x100W siren in a very compact module. Independent dual channels for 2 tones superposition or synchronized channels for maximum 200W, PPS-TWIN is the most versatile siren available on the market.Configure the PPW-TWIN with our SpeedFitter software and control the PPS-TWIN through wires or canbus. Canbus control reduces the wiring required for […]

Did you know? 

At IDEATEC, we assemble all our products manually. First, we receive the PCBs and spare parts from our network of trusted partners which apply the highest level of quality standards. Then, we perform internal quality checks before our production team ensures the proper assembly of those parts into our range of products. Together with the […]

Focus product: UniCTRL

Until now, you could connect one or more Vigilink touchscreen consoles with an advanced VIGILINK central unit, the same with POLARIS touchscreen consoles to POLARIS central units and POLYPM-HD touchscreen consoles to POLYPM-HD central units.Today Ideatec is making it easier by launching its new Uni-CTRL touchscreen console compatible with all advanced central units.Discover all the […]


As part of our participation in the Rettmobil exhibition, we had candy made with the Ideatec logo. Don’t hesitate to come and see us, we will be happy to show you our latest innovations while tasting these delicious sweets.

Product focus : OpenLink

The OpenLink is the gateway to control our advanced systems with any kind of terminal. Connected to OpenLink, the tablet or the on-board PC integrates the functions of VIGILINK, POLARIS or POLYPM-HD on the tablet screen, the PC screen or the vehicle’s original screen. If you need a larger screen or want to combine other […]